Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oh my god, what have I done? My question to myself after receiving confirmation that I will be playing soccer in the season Coaches Game. Not that big of a deal, you say? Let me put this in perspective. I am mother past the age of 35 and I have never played any organized sport involving a ball.

This is my first year being a soccer mom. I just happened to work with the coach of my daughters team who just happened to need an Assistant Coach. Coach told me that it wouldn't be difficult to do and she needed the help. Being the eager helper that I am, I said ok. I even bought a whistle. I read the rules for the kiddie league. It seemed easy enough. I saw the movie Kicking and Screaming. Very funny. I get to be a part of my daughters adventure. Fun bonding time. How hard could it be?

Until we got our asses handed to us. The girls were lost. At one point we were yelling, "get on the the line!" and the girls got IN a line. Another girl attempted to play tag with one of the referees. Another girl decided in the middle of the game she needed a drink of water. One of the more competitive and experienced girls started crying. We lost 1-6. Well, 2-6 in the girls mind because one of them kicked the ball into the goal during kickoff... which doesn't count. But, we let her believe it did. Everything you could possibly do wrong in a soccer game was done.

I noticed how hard they were working to 'figure it out'. How overwhelming and confusing it must have been to have lots of people yelling at at you from the sidelines during their FIRST game. My all girls team consists of 6- to 8-year-olds. These girls (some whom have never played before) are teamed up with strangers, practice twice on a field without markings, and then yelled at by me and the other coach to execute plays.

So, out of sympathy for my girls and in the spirit of adventure, I will be donning my very own shin guards on November 2. I'm sure it should be very entertaining. I'll keep you posted.

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