Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Toys 'R Us to Become a Packaged Goods Retailer?

The title is a link to the article I found on this. It'll be interesting to see the branding that Toys 'R Us will do. I'm a mom of young kids who hates going to the store. I tend to do ALL of my holiday toy shopping online (even some items from Toys 'R Us) and will occasionally grab a birthday gift or other small toy impulse while grocery shopping at SuperTarget. Anytime I've been in a bind for discretionary items (like when going to pool, travelling, etc.), I think Walmart and I shop for my bulk items at Sams. I don't know if I would go out of the way (no convenient Toys 'R Us stores for me) to do the inverse at what I perceive to be a more expensive store--inverse meaning grab the necessities while shopping for non-necessities. And I certainly don't want to make my kids shopping experience more fun than it already is for them... mommy this and mommy that and I want this and can I try that. However, I do think Toys R Us is on to something with the "everything for the needs of [my] kids under one roof" since my kids influence nearly every purchase decision I make all the way down to where I live and the car I drive. Hmmm.... this will be interesting indeed.

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