Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What's NEW with Renee

If you haven't noticed, I'm slacking off on the posting a bit lately. While some of you may be appreciating me not blowing up your inbox with my ramblings, others are thinking "WTFreak is going on with Renee? I can't make any purchasing decisions and I can't function without her daily dose of know-it-all-ism. How will I ever go on?" :)

A little secret... shhh, it is pretty effortless the way I compile my information for this blog... when I'm in a normal work routine, that is. I make notes of what I find interesting as I go about a normal workday prospecting, reading trades + news, etc. Then, I post the information after the kids go down at night. However, I've recently joined a new team at work (yay!) and I've been going through training and streamlining and lunching and yadda, yadda, yadda and cutting out at the end of the day to snag my kids from camp (which, I'm into them for about $80 in late fees, dammit).

Long story short, I miss you too.

As I get back into a normal routine I'm sure I'll have more cool things to post about.

Until then... What's NEW with you?


  1. Hi. It's my first time to pass by here and I'll soon hop on over for your new posts too.

    Passing by from June Comments challenge...


  2. I've missed you dahling!

    What's new with me? Drama Queens are on the rise. Stalkers coming out of the woodwork. New men in my life. Much fun, I tell you!

  3. WTF,,,I just waisted 30 seconds of my life reading this dumb shit I was hoping to read some real juicy stuff about your life..LOL
    Anyway I do miss you, I cant eat sleep or buy without you waisting your money on stuff first. So please go shop and post more info on products and free stuff.
    Best Regards,
    A Stressed Mother Of Four..(hint)

  4. Well, "anonymous" it looks like I'm writing well... I pulled you through the boring ass information. :)