Saturday, June 20, 2009

Review: eatwhatever swallow and suck breath fresheners

Do you remember those 'hard work' breath mints I mentioned not too long ago? If not, see post here. Well, I got an answer to my sarcastic question about the length of time it would take to consume these babies. Answer: it doesn't take any longer to consume the eatwhatever mints than it does a regular breath mint. YES I TIMED MYSELF! And, now I'm eating a breath-funky, humble pie because one of my news sources isn't credible and I couldn't read the package clearly on eatwhatever's website. Apparently there are only 2 steps to "kissable breath". 1. swallow 2-3 organic gelcaps of breath freshening oils and then 2. suck on the sugar-free mint.

Since I've had a chance to try something new, I'm writing a review. Not because I was asked to (I wasn't) but, because that's what I do... give my opinion when it isn't asked for.

Rather than retype eatwhatever's claims check the the embedded video below.

I love 'em! Too bad I can't buy them in Atlanta, yet.

My thoughts, the eatwhatever jellies remind me of Breath Assures. I haven't seen or heard from that product in quite some time (if you can even buy it anymore). Such a shame because it makes sense to freshen breath at the source. But, I like that eatwhatever takes it a step further than the gelcap by attacking the stinkies in the mouth with the mints. In my opinion, it's a double whammy that's so much better than the average mint or gelcap by itself. Eatwhatever's are fat-free, sugar-free, vegan and organic and that's alright with me. The packaging is fun and reminds me of birth control pills. In a way, they could be a reverse birth control: if your breath is so awful that you're running away mating potentials, you better get your daily dose of eatwhatever.

Looking back at my first post, I was wrong. It isn't hard work to consume eatwhatever, but they do work hard to freshen your breath. Now, kiss me you fool!

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