Sunday, May 10, 2009

REVIEW: Dr. Scholl's® For Her Sole Expressions™ Insoles

First, my disclaimer: I'm not being paid or compensated and I haven't been given any product(s) in exchange for this gushing review I'm about to give. I do this because I like to and I'm a know-it-all, yapper and this is my outlet.

If you read my profile, you know I'm a shoe-aholic (among other addictions). Shoes are the foundation of an outfit. You can buy a cheap outfit and instant upgrade it with a great pair of shoes. But try and do the opposite... no can do. Your outfit is only as good as your shoes. I love shoes. I have quite a few of them and most of them are at least 2" pumps because I want to be a couple inches taller (my husband is tall and my long lost dream was to be a model). Needless to say I've tried every shoe trick in the book to make them feel better when I wear them.
I've tried buying a 1/2" size smaller to prevent sliding in anything above 2".

I've tried the insole pad that is for the ball of the feet only to squish my toes to top of shoe.

The pretty lacy ball padding for strappy shoes DSW had a couple years ago just slid around.

I've tried stuffing tissues in the tips of the pointy ones... the tissue ends up bunching and worse crumbling.

I've tried putting the bandaid across the back of the heel which helps until the bandaid wears off

I've tried insoles (before the fancy gels and these pretty little things) and they would just hang out of the shoe... even after trimming they STILL weren't quite right and wouldn't stay put.

So why not try the Dr. Sholls' For Her. Nothing else was working.

Dr. Sholl's For Her Claims:

  • The right shades for the right occasions
  • 2 pairs in basic colors to complement inner soles of most shoes
  • 1 pair in a fun fashion print to add fun and flair to your footwear
  • Soft foam absorbs shock in your heel and cushions the sensitive ball of foot area
  • Great for all your open- and closed-style shoes
My response: agreed. THEY ARE AWESOME!!! No cutting to fit and ugly hanging pads. The pads had an adhesive strips so they didn't slide around. If I had to kick off the shoes (which I sometimes do) the padding was pretty. This pretty padding isn't noticeable either--my high-heel strappy gladiator pumps with the gold tips now have cheetah print padding that doesn't show through straps when I wear them. The pads gave me just enough arch support to not slide forward and padded my foot so my now those two-hour shoes I just mentioned can be worn a little longer.

So I cruise over to their website to grab a photo and their claims and lo and behold, they have Dr. Sholl's for Her HIGH HEELS! Since my feet now have some relief, I'll be spending a little more time searching the rack for the high heel versions.

I'm Renee and I recommend this product.

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