Sunday, May 3, 2009

PRODUCT REVIEW: Afrin PureSea Hydrating Nasal Rinse

I'm not sure how new this product is, it was new to me. Since moving to Georgia I've developed seasonal allergies (which feel like year-round at times). During allergy season I do one or all of the following depending on how bad my symptoms are: daily oral over-the-counter allergy medicine, nasal spray, and NeilMed's sinus rinse. I can usually keep symptoms at bay by rinsing, then slowly adding the spray and oral (I don't like taking medicines so this is my last resort). The rinse alone works wonders. The first time I tried nasal rinsing, I rinsed at night and I woke up noticing I didn't have that morning mucus (just one of the many benefits from cleaning my face filter). But, I had to mix my own solution (which was a step up from the original 'at home therapy' recipe my ear, nose and throat doctor gave me). So, when I saw Afrin PureSea didn't require any mixing plus it was non-medicated (remember, I don't like medicines) I thought, perfect. Another upgrade in convenience. I'll give it a try.

Afrin PureSea claims to be "the natural way to breathe freely. Afrin PureSea is clinically proven to gently and effectively wash away irritants. Plus, it's easy to use, convenient and sterile.... and [minimizes] stinging during use" thus cleansing away dust, mold, germs, allergens, smoke, and other irritants and pollutants.

Although they say it's easy to use, I was stumped as soon as I opened the package. This required assembly. Assembly of only two items but assembly nonetheless. I had to attach the applicator to the container.

Although the directions are clearly written, simple, and easy to follow, I somehow was not getting the affect the package was claiming I should. For example:

"Bend head forward and tilt to side." ok easy.

"Place the tip of the applicator in your upper nostril and press the applicator down so the fluid flows through you upper nostril and out your lower nostril." ok. Sort of easy. The applicator tickled but I got thought it. Only problem was the fluid wasn't flowing out the other nostril.

So I re-read the instructions and noticed I could control the pressure or amount of water. I tried again. This time pressing harder and I insterted the applicator tip a tad bit farther. No exit of water from my other nostril.
Then I thought, maybe I need to push the applicator farther into my nose!? Since, I've been prone to kicking my own butt (remember, I'm the same person that gave herself chemical burns while using a hair removing cream and nearly blinded herself thinking the old fashion contact cleanser was saline... ahh good times, I digress) I stopped there! No way was I going to jab myself in the brain.

I'm sure I cleansed the nostril opening but it didn't give me that 'breath freely' feeling I get when I use my normal rinse. Ultimately, it's worth the effort for me to mix and it doesn't sting. I didn't feel Afrin PureSea was any more or less sanitary that what I normally use so I'll probably keep using what I'm using.

In all fairness, there may have been user error on my part. Maybe I'm spoiled because the squeeze bottle I normally use creates a seal around my nostril and the bottle tip so the water can only escape on the other side. But, you be the judge for yourself. I've got a fist full of $3.00 off coupons I'm happy to mail to you (U.S. only) so you can try it out and tell me if it works for you. Just email me your mailing address.

You can find Afrin PureSea in the cough & cold aisle and it has a suggest retail price of $14.99. I'm not sure if it's a good value or not because I'm still getting through a box of rinse mix packets of my normal brand that I bought a year ago and I don't remember what I paid for it. I couldn't find on Afrin PureSea's packaging how long it would last but it did read Afrin PureSea can be used up to four times a day or as needed.

If you live in a metropolitan city, work in dusty environments or a community field that exposes you to germs, want to awaken your senses to enjoy food, are into sports where you need to breath freely, have young children or infants, and/or are interested in all-natural health and well-being products. You may want to give Afrin PureSea a try. And don't forget to come back here and let people know what you really think.

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