Sunday, May 3, 2009

NEW way to give your hair a daily dose of Vitamin: Vitamin Shampoo

Vitamin Shampoo is being recognized by People magazine and Woman's Day as a beauty awards winner and the editors pick. Call me crazy, but I didn't think you could absorb vitamins through your skin (at least in amounts to be affective). I'm guessing the same would apply for hair. So, this one was a little hard for me to digest at first (no pun intended). The concept is clever with offering an array of colorful pill- or medicine bottle-looking packaging each touting the benefit of vitamins A, B, E, H, C, K, and/or D.

Then I read Vitamin Shampoo's product information on their website. I absolutely agree that our hair is exposed to the elements – pollutants, smog, free radicals, UV rays, chemicals, etc. (which can be harsh). My initial attitudes towards this product shifted a little more towards open because I know from experience the benefits of using a protein infused shampoo (and even using fruits and other products on the hair to enhance the look and health of it) and Vitamin Shampoo claims to have high potency super fruits containing vitamins and antioxidants, along with nutrients, minerals, proteins, and essential oils. Vitamin Shampoo is sulfate free and paraben free (uhhhh, I was unaware these were bad and am I getting them now? I'm going to have to research this). So they've sold me to at least give them a try. :) Now, which one does my hair need? I need a hair doctor to write me a prescription!

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