Tuesday, May 19, 2009

LeapFrog's NEW toy that makes texting easy for your tot

I'm horrified by this product! The irony is their website implies that this product takes the horror out of what happens when you're PDA gets into the hands of your toddler. Parents, put down the PDA and focus on the baby! Nothing you do outside of your family is THAT important. And stop trying to raise clones. Just because you use a PDA doesn't mean toddler needs one. Who are they going to call, Barney!? Or, maybe they text their little toddler buddies and put a playdate on their little PDAcalendars.... good grief... I just think giving a toddler an item like this is prepping kids so marketers can reach them earlier and easier.And I'm not mad at Leap Frog. They're serving a market. Maybe the educational stuff wasn't selling as well as competing childrens electronics so they've made a business decision as most companies do(regardless of social responsibility). So, it's up to us parents to fix this. Oh and one more thing, maybe it's just me. But, with my kids I've found they wanted the real thing (the real telephone, not a play one, they real toilet, not the potty, etc). Either the real thing... or simply stuff (boxes, newspapers, etc.). I'm convinced toys are overrated (and I assure you, I've purchased quit a bit of 'em including LeapFrog reading products). Even though my kids playroom can rival the schools, my kids seemed to prefer to play with everything BUT their toys most of the time. Excuse me while I step down from my soap box. :) Check out the product if you like. It is amusing and offers some educational features. The title links you to LeapFrogs website.

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  1. I am horrified at this toy. But also I am kind of guilty. I used to give my Palm PDA to my 5 and 6 year old nephews to play with and figure out. They took pictures, made movies with it and had a ball. Maybe it was okay because they were using it to express creativity ...