Friday, April 17, 2009

Scott's NEW 'green' tissue paper products

SCOTT Naturals Products are made with a sensible blend of recycled fiber - as much as 80% - while still delivering the performance you expect to get the job done right and green! The line offers tissues, towels, napkins, and flushable wipes. I conserve energy, use low-power energy bulbs, etc. Let's just say, I reduce and reuse and I felt pretty good about that until I learned that paper towels were really bad for landfills. I buy paper towels in bulk and I use them for everything (you name it and I assure you I've somehow involved a paper towel). Every time I mention anything about anyone (including myself) making a lifestyle adjustment to be more earth-friendly, my husband teases me that I'm being spied on and I'm going to get busted about being an earth-friendly hypocrite because of the amount of paper towels I use. With Scotts new green towel, I can relieve myself from some of this guilt. Yay! They're going to make a fortune on me.

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