Monday, April 13, 2009

NXT Nutritionals Holdings, Inc. Announces LAUNCH of Newest Product Line: SUSTA™ 50 Packet Boxes

Susta is a low-calorie sweetening system that (according to their website) fights fat, counters sugar shock, is diabetic friendly, protects the heart, strengthens bone and teeth, and optimizes nutrition balance.SUSTA™ will be the only sweetening system in the retail marketplace that is all-natural, low glycemic, contains prebiotics (soluble fiber) and probiotics, contains essential vitamins and minerals, helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, aids digestion, and supports the immune system. Consumers will be able to purchase SUSTA™ boxes which contain fifty two-gram packets, as early as next month on NXT’s website. I bought a bag of Splenda around the holidays last year to make a couple desserts, and we still have 1/2 the bag and will probably use the other half this holiday season. Other than that, I rarely use sweeteners, so if you try this, please let me know what you think. P.S. I like the name. The name makes me think of sustain and maybe I won't have the sugar crash because of this type of sweeteners sustaining my energy. Hmmmmmmm....

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