Monday, April 13, 2009

Coca-Cola, Illy LAUNCH Ready-To-Drink Coffee Illy Issimo

So I'm chair dancing to the night club sounds on Illy's website reading a button about Issimo events "coming soon" when I had one of those 'I'm getting old moments.' I paused dancing and said, what does this have to do with coffee? Then I started dancing again and said, ohhhh yeah... I remember when I was young and kickin' it I would need coffee before going out (about midnight because it was lame to go out any sooner) and coffee going to class (or work) after a hot night out. Now, I just drink coffee when I need to get through the day of work and family AND I'm usually in the bed by midnight.As I spent more time on the site, I realized Illy Issimo was canned expresso; the best according to what the word Issimo means in Italian. I may try this just so I can pretend to be hip at that moment. Why not? And by the way I was bouncing to the music... oh yeah, I still go it baby. Is your expresso style supreme?

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