Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A NEW PRODUCT that allows you to do laser hair removal at home!

I think it's great timing for beauty trends that previously were only available at a doctor's office are now available at home. I a beauty product junkie and at the same time I've been greatly affected by the economy, so products like TRIA Beauty's hair removal system gives me a sense hope. Lately, I've been sporting what I call 'the recession Look'. My nails are un-manicured, I'm hairy everywhere I used to wax and my hair is now it's natural hair color. I'm cutting corners everywhere I can to reduce beauty expenses. I blend my own body scrubs from sea salt and olive oil, I'm going through my case of make up to re-create new looks by using the colors I already have, I can't remember the last time I got a hair cut (I hope that by wearing my hair wavy it's hiding the fact the my layers are long gone), and I think I now have enough cosmetics and perfume samples to last a lifetime! On special occasions, I'll shave, decorate my kitchen floor trying to wax myself, or give myself chemical burns trying to remove unwanted body hair. So, I would I love to try this little gadget. TRIA Beauty offers the only FDA-cleared laser for at-home hair removal. Unlike low-powered hair removal devices that use flash lamp or broad spectrum light to temporarily slow the re-growth of hair, TRIA is a true laser, harnessing sophisticated technology to remove hair and prevent it from growing back long term. It's about $800. Take it from someone that has spent a ton of money on beauty and cosmetics, this will pay for itself within a year. Let's just hope it comes with warranties and either last long or the results are permanent. However, I won't be getting one any time soon, but one can dream...There are reviews on their website.

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