Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Stealing: The Ellie Bellie Meme

What are your most common nicknames? I allow small children to call me Nay-nay. The other day, I corrected someone who slipped and told him to call me Goddess, queen, you highness. Other than that. Call me Renee. It's what my momma named me.

what is today's weather? cloudy, rainy

where did go on vacation this year? no funds. we did a quick weekend getaway to a golf resort in Florida.

what did you do there? beach, fishing, beach, pool, spa, pool, sleep, pool... :)

where did you stay? golf resort

what job do you do? I have several. Mainly, trying to evolve.

describe where you live? My children call it the forest. We have bunnies, birds, frogs, chipmunks, bats, big fat-ass squirrels that probably eat the food we leave for the other forest creatures. I'm surrounded by trees in an old house that has major personality. I can't wait until we do some remodeling. I love it.

what do you usually do on weekends? nothing. I love it... keep in mind. I grind it during the week. I do more in a day than most people do all week so I deserve to sit on my bum.

what food hits your 'bliss spot'? ice cream

what drink really does it for you? water. But, if your talking about alcohol, I might be allergic to patron. I can't even do one shot of that stuff! It's my kryptonite

describe the first friend that comes to your head. I'm married to him.

what was the last restaurant you went to? last weekend we went here with another couple. One man jazz band, cozy setting, great food. It was very cool.

where would you like to live if you had unlimited moneys and nothing stopping your dreams? on an island but, I'd need a jet to get to other humans because I'm a people person... when I want them around. :)

what is the likeliness of you achieving this dream home? very

what do you like to do in your spare time? nothing. I'd like to be listening to my higher self a little more. meditation.

what's your favorite genre for TV programs? Boy, aren't I the eclectic fickle one... I just don't have favorites of too much of anything. I consistently watch Dexter, Weeds, American Idol, most cartoons, anything on FitTV, and SciFi.

what's your favorite genre for music? heavy metal

what's your favorite song that's sad? One (metallica)

what's your favorite soppy film? Kill Bill

how about your favorite chick flick? Sex in the City the movie. I used to watch when it was still on HBO so the movie was the ending I never got. Loved it.

what are you looking forward to at the moment? completing an acknowledging some things from my past so I can move forward with new projects.

what are you dreading at the moment? nothing

how would you describe your personality? laid back

if you had a personality eraser, what part of yours might you erase? caring so much. It's an alone place because most people are so unaware.

you are given $5000 to spend in 1 day, what do you do with it? remember, no limitations! put it towards remodeling something in my house

what is your biggest fear? fear

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