Tuesday, August 4, 2009

NEW Magazine: The Most

*sigh* I can't focus on what I was going to say about this magazine because I'm too busy staring deep into the eyes of the cover model... Check out the technology on Most Magazine's website. It's like I'm actually turning pages only I'm doing it with my mouse (I wonder if it tickled the cover model as I was mousing over his abs making washboard-folk-music-sounds?). Damnit, I knew I was distracted. I didn't even catch that this was in Spanish until I started turning the pages. Wrong magazine. oopsy.

The Most Magazine is the new magazine I wanted to talk about that's on Newsstands now. It's so new, their website is still a landing page (no es tan divertido como los otros "Most"). The Most's Slogan: All Up In The Bizness. Is this a clever, all-inclusive misspelling of the word 'business' to reference the music 'biz' or did they mean 'Biznass' (so eloquently put by Ludacris)? Owned by Vibe (a music magazine) so they should have access to good social shots of music artists. "Roll Through" it and let me know what y'all think. Holla. :)

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