Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The World's FIRST Cocoa Butter Caramel

Growing up in my house, Cocoa Butter was my mother's cure all. For every scratch, wound, scar, bruise, and any skin issue you can think of, my mom reached for the cocoa butter. But, we never thought to eat it! I really want to try Amella Caramels - Cocoa Butter Caramels by Artisan Cocoa, Inc. These caramels features are all natural with 0% trans fat, use pure cocoa butter (mom would be so proud), no preservatives, kosher (my Jewish Community would be so proud--I'm not kidding, we're members and my kids pray in Hebrew), fine chocolate, and real fruits and vegetables. My mouth is watering just reading about their three flavors: Carrot Cake, Black Forest, and Passion Fruit. I already know they're good. But, if you insist on bragging because you've tried them, feel free to comment here.


  1. These actually sound really yummy.

  2. Hi there.
    Neat post.YUM!

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