Monday, June 1, 2009

I really don't need to stay up and watch late night TV....

...because I love infomercials (gee, imagine that). What's not to love about them, they're persuasive yet entertaining while offering some of the most creative inventions ever! Rather than blow up your post list how about I list the few I caught this weekend in this ONE post:

InStyler Rotating Hot Iron: This one had me on the edge of my seat. I just kept asking myself, is this the same company as InStyle magazine (my fashion bible)? The logos sure look the same. Then I wondered if it came with one of those warning pictures that you see on machines or garbage disposals... you know the one with the hands reaching for it and the big red slash. I just know myself. I'd definitely put my finger near the barrel just to see what would happen (and I wonder where my kids get it? hmmm)

The Windshield Wonder: I thought this was a handy little gadget. I know what it's like trying reach to stick toll stickers, children's transportation numbers, parking passes, oil change reminders and to remove strip club fliers AND clean what was thrown from the backseat off the windshield. My windshield looks like a bus stop billboard! Point is, I never thought to use a pole to ease my reach. Some much more clever person than myself is now cashing checks.

Passback Football: These poor kids have to play with a wall. ...and they might blow their arms out doing it. So sad.

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  1. Ive waisted alot of money on some of those damn informercials.