Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Another Functional Water: AquaHydrate

Sorry to be so anticlimactic, but there are a TON of waters out there that claim to being some physical benefit in addition to hydration. I almost didn't bother posting about it but I couldn't resist since its the NEWEST! :) What makes this one so special? Manufacturer claims major professional athletes drink this all natural beverage for an edge in terms of focus, better sports performance and faster recovery. The line up to name a few: Jack Nicklaus, named golfer of the century and winner of 18 major tournaments is an avid drinker of AquaHydrate. World champion New England Patriot and NFL Pro-Bowler Vince Wilfork is also an AquaHydrate fan. Beijing Olympic triathlete and prior Olympic water polo Silver Medalist, Julie Swail, noticed immediate benefits. So, the next time your performing at a pro athletic level don't just hydrate, AquaHydrate! ...but, not with regular aqua... you know what I mean! Drink it!

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