Monday, April 27, 2009

Renee's Rap: Keep my car clean

My car is so shiney.

Mess it up I spank your hiney.

From the big one to the tiny.

Think my ride's your pot? Try me!

I flow don't you know my kids be like "mommy"

Represent don't get sent by the mini van I'm driving.

Dont' hate husbands whose late eat leftovers all the time-y.

Make up words you haven't heard my dialect is not grimey.

Vocabulary mostly scary but I spit with good timing.

Don't have bling or big rims just a whip for family riding.

Babies in back, I'm flying, the kids are getting Whiney.

I take you back with real rap pre-historic to the diney.

Gotta go, stop the flow, swoop kids, the school bells are chiiiiiiiimmmmmiiiiiinnnnnggg!!!

un... yeah.... peace.

**Inspired by real events. This is an actual text sent to my husband one line at a time. I washed the min van this weekend (and my husband promptly picked up pine straw the next day) and as I was leaving work today, I realized how shiney the car was. I figure I'd keep sending him rhymes until he replied or I made it to kids in aftercare, whichever came first. Clearly I was sun drunk! The weather was perfect in ATL today--clear, sunny, 80's wind blowing cool breeze... ahhhh.

1 comment:

  1. Yo.Yo.Yo Your rap was ok I didnt read it yesterday.
    It sounds like my ride but 4 kids I got inside.
    They keep it kinda clean on the days im being mean=(.
    On the others it gets dirty Im in a car an im 30???
    Trying to get some big wheels so these lyrics I must spill.
    They gonna get paid so fresh I might get laid.
    So if you wanna buy this rap my paypal account it where its at...
    Holla Back....PEACE...
    Ashala Smith Pickerington, Ohio

    **Inspired by real events. This is an actual Rap wrote to out flow Renee =) figure I'd keep sending these rhymes until she post how much better I am at flowing. These lyrics have not by copwritten so feel free to steal them. :)