Monday, April 6, 2009

NEW Woolite Oxy Clean For Steam Machines

Once again, NOT on their site (this is beginning to drive me crazy). You would think that with all the money companies put into launching a new product, they'd be ready to address the public (not just the media with press releases) or at least have information ready about their product IF consumers respond to the marketing and advertising. OK... tangent over.

I was mesmerized at this TV commercials claims and since I can't afford a maid, I'm sure I'll be trying this product eventually. Based on what I think I remember seeing, the dirt sticks to foam and as foam dries, lifts & loosens dirt that you "sweep" away. But wait... there's more! They also have a magic stain remover spray that requires no scrubbing. Even better, chlorine-free and no harsh chemicals. Sounds dreamy to someone that cleans their own carpet. Well, let me be the judge of that... I'll put my two little kids on the case. I can't even identify some of their stains!

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