Tuesday, April 7, 2009

NEW to you? Brassiere Shoulder Support

After children, the "hooters" become heavy mammary glands that make your bra straps dig into your shoulder. But, I had just the solution to the problem. I eagerly drew sketches of a shoulder pad that could be easily removed and applied to any bra. My vision was of a non-slip padded material held to bra straps with Velcro. My super useful invention had to be pretty as well as functional so I knew I'd put lace on it. I had it! Another great idea! I stopped by the fabric store on my way to get kids so I could make a prototype of my new invention. In the store, I easily find my Velcro and lace, and start to get stumped on what I might need for padding and material. So, I mosey on over the the undergarment 'tools' to hunt for ideas and lo and behold there was my invention! Who knew!? Oh well, I'll take one.

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