Monday, April 27, 2009

NEW PRODUCT: Hennessy Black Cognac by Hennessy, announced the limited launch of Hennessy Black in 10 markets throughout the US including Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, New York City, Ohio, Washington DC and Massachusetts. Packaged in a sleek, bold black bottle, Hennessy Black is a versatile blend of 35 to 45 unique, pale and gold colored eaux-de-vie selected for their elegant floral characteristics. These are subsequently aged in French oak barrels previously used by Hennessy for at least five years. Hennessy Black has a more gentle wood influence. The result is a different expression of Hennessy Cognac: lighter and fresher with scents of jasmine, daffodils and orange flowers that are delicately mixed with hints of citrus, honey, and fresh grapes to create a distinctively smooth cognac with surprising finesse balance, floral notes. Hennessy Black comes to market with a variety of mixed drink recipes that highlight its mix ability and sophisticated flavor and can be served as simple, easy to make drinks or enhanced shot options, with ice or without. They include; Hennessy Black Ice, neat with a dash of lemon juice and simple sugar with a sugar-dipped lemon slice; Hennessy Black Bull, coffee liqueur and cola served as a layered shot or long over ice; Hennessy Black Spice, with fresh ginger, a dash of simple syrup, lemon juice; and Hennessy Black Royale, with champagne, a dash of lemon juice and simple syrup. Look for advertising touting the "Done Different" slogan. And check the YouTube video of a collaboration with legendary music artist and producer Swizz Beatz that resulted in an original song, "When I Step Into the Club". With a distinct contrast of high and low tones, the Swizz Beatz-produced song will also be featured in an original video from renowned director Hype Williams. The JabbaWockeeZ of "America's Best Dance Crew" fame will perform live at a star-studded black carpet launch event in New York City on May 5, where Swizz Beatz will join on stage to perform the original song for the first time. This new cognac-done-differently is now available in 1.0L bottles exclusively in the on-trade in 10 markets including Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Indianapolis, New Orleans, New York, Phoenix and Washington DC. The 750ml bottle will be available in liquor stores from September. If you happen to be at a happening party that has this, try it. Let me know what you think.

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