Thursday, April 2, 2009

NEW mints that do more: Vojo Extreme Energy Mints

I am completely addicted to Vojo Extreme Energy Mints. I hesitated trying these because I was afraid they would have an after taste (my last impulse buy of energy gum didn't work out so well). But, I pushed my fears aside (or more honestly, I gave in to my impulse to try new things) and I'm glad I did. I've only tried the Citrus and Peppermint and neither had an aftertaste. They're good and taste like you'd expect the flavor you bought to taste. I also liked that they're sugar free and I can recognize the ingredients... caffeine, B vitamins, Taurine. Now,I can get an energy boost without all the calories and without ending up with stank coffee breath. I stumbled upon these at the Wal-Mart checkout. Now, I'll stop by Wal-mart JUST to buy them. I sure hope they get more distribution soon.

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