Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New 3-Tier Grocery Cart “REVIEW”

So, we're at Super Target for our weekly grocery trip. My kids ran ahead like they normally do elbowing each other to make sure they get the seat they want in the two-seater cart. Tonight, I noticed them detouring for the only cart of it's kind near the wheelchair carts. “Cooooolll. Mommy, let's use this one.” The cart they were speaking of was red, 3-tiered, and a little more square-shaped than the standard grocery cart. It was only slightly different from the grocery cart but different enough to get us to try it out. So, we choose the cart and started shopping. Right away, I'm a little uncomfortable with the cart because there was no place to put my purse. I soon got over that when I realized we had more space than we normally had and I maneuvered with great ease compared to the chunky family cart that barely make turns. What the cart lacked in basket girth, it made up for in height. My children and I even started categorizing the groceries: we put produce on the top, heavy stuff on the bottom, and general items in the middle. This cart was awesome! My son wanted to push it (but couldn't see over the top) and my daughter kept wanting to ride on it. Every one we passed would comment on how convenient and functional the cart was. I heard things like, “what a cool cart” and “now that's what you shop with. I'll bet you can get a lot more things in that!” Other people, would just stare. I thought, surely I must be lucky to be one of the first to test this extraordinary tool. I get to the check out and a Manager starts paging, “we need a bagger and cart on aisle 22. We need a bagger and cart on aisle 22.”

I said, “Good idea, the grocery bags won't stay in this cart too well. What kind of cart is this, anyway?” She said, “we use that when we're stocking shelves.” I said, “So, I'm not supposed to have this cart? Not one employee stopped me or said a word.” She just smiled and pushed it to the side and asked my new cart provider to put the stock cart away. So, if you see this “new” cart. Don't be a trouble-maker like myself. You're not supposed to be using it... no matter how cool it looks.

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