Friday, April 17, 2009

Max Factor Introduces 2000 Calorie Extreme Lash Plumper and Vivid Impact Lipcolor: Makeover and REVIEW

I’m always looking for hot and hip new ways to glam up my look and express my chic self, so when I got invited to be a part of the Max Factor bzz campaign I couldn't’t agree fast enough! Anyone that knows me personally knows I LOVE MAKEUP.

I was especially excited to be able to put Max Factors claims to the test. They sent me both their Lash Plumper and two of their Vivid Lip Color. Max Factor promises that the advance fat-wrap formula and brush will make lashes so plump (by 200% from root to tip to by exact) and luscious, there is no way their Lash Plumper can be called mascara because these lashes “don’t happen with traditional mascara.” Vivid Lip Color is for the lover of vibrant lip shades and its Shae butter and conditioners are chap-fighting.

I tore open my kit the day I got it and tested it out. The first thing I noticed was the brush was shorter which I thought was great. I was able to control where I applied the mascara… errr Lash Plumper better. That and I always break the rule of not pointing the wand at the eye so can catch those little hairs in the corner and I must say, I felt a lot safer pointing the short brush at myself (Disclaimer: do not try this at home or try to blame me or Max Factor if you poke your eye out doing it!).

I normally layer my mascara on trying to get the ‘full’ look. I’ve tried everything from waiting until the first layer dry and combing it out before applying the second layer to putting 3-4 layers. But, I end up with either heavy, clumpy lashes or 8 long, hard, shelled over pointy lashes. I didn’t have to pull any of those stunts with Max Factor’s Lash Plump. I just blinked over the brush while applying and the Lash Plumper went on with ease and no clumping!

My personal professional (professional makeup wearer, that is) opinion is Max Factor Lash Plumper will give my usual department store choices a run for their money (for way less money and that’s important these days).

And of course, I just had to try it on someone else! I am not a professional makeup artist and my model is well… an innocent bystander, Patty. Patty just happened to be visiting the week I got my kit and we were on our way out for cocktails when I decided to improvise a makeover on her. AND it just so happens that right there on my “Lash Plumper” box were Pro Artist Tips on how to use another max factor product called eye shadow duos. We followed the directions and finished the look with the Ms. Behave lipcolor from the Perfect Nudes Collection Max Factor sent and below are the before and after pictures. The only thing I want to point out is the lip color we used looks nothing like the photo. We went light on the lips since the eyes were so dramatic and Patty's naturally red lips are shining through. Her lips were moisterized without the glossy shine so that was nice.

Lash Plumber is available in waterproof and in Extreme-Black out, Black Velvet and Blackest Brown. Lash Plumper is about $9.88. Vivid Impact Lipcolor is available in 5 fun color collections so you can choose a color that goes with your personality and it’s about $7.88. I’m all for affordable looking luxury! And Max Factor delivered on their promises with these products. What do you think? Are Patty’s lashes bigger and better?

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