Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Citi, MySpace LAUNCH credit card

If you can still qualify for credit in this financial environment, God Bless You. Citi and MySpace are offering credit cards to "Generation Forward" that rewards them for doing the right thing. You gotta listen to the video about being more responsible and "rejecting selfish ways of the past" that has put us in the position we're in. I'm sure going deeper in debt, using plastic that may or may not be made from recycled and/or biodegradable material is the answer (....I'm being sarcastic). But, I see them working. They're looking for the positive association with their brand (and to appeal to younger generation that may still have credit). Citi Forward even has an action speaks louder that words 'contest' where they're looking for voices of generation forward. I like the name. Despite the irony of a credit card being socially responsible, I like the concept. Will it catch on?

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