Monday, March 30, 2009

Jack Links Beef Jerky are giving teens a NEW PRODUCT to 'feed their wildside'

Once again, another product so new, the company hasn't had a chance to put it up on their website. I'm beginning to notice a trend here (could there be a need for website creators out there) but, I digress. According to a Press Release, the MATADOR is supposed to be a bold new snack brand for teens with an action-driven lifestyle.

MATADOR by Jack Link's will be supported by an integrated action sports platform and dedicated advertising campaign. The company will sponsor athletes in BMX, skateboarding and snowboarding, and partner with leading action sport events including the 2009 Dew Tour and the premier action sports training camp in the country, Camp Woodward.

Available in convenience stores nationwide, with a suggested retail price of $.99, new MATADOR snack sticks offer easy-to-open packaging and immediate taste satisfaction for an action-packed, on-the-go lifestyle. The one-ounce MATADOR brand meat snack stick is only the beginning, with plans to offer additional MATADOR brand products later this year.

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